About Us

Integrate UK is a youth led charity that empowers young people to take an active and positive role in transforming the society they live in. Our service users are central to decision making: we have three Junior Trustees who lead youth steering groups and report back to the board – our youth board keeps us on track and inform all aspects of our service. Also, two of our former service users sit on the board of Trustees!

As well as supporting young people with their learning, ambitions and aspirations, we run a wide range of creative and educational projects that they have devised themselves.  The projects enable young people to learn and develop transferable skills in many different areas.  Their work may involve film development, a stage production, song writing or organising a conference – many of them are invited to speak at high profile events nationally and internationally, to consult government Ministers or deliver training to professionals including teachers, police, lawyers and medical professionals.

Our older members deliver peer-education workshops in schools nationally using our young activists’ youth friendly, accessible media resources. Our workshops encourage discussion around a range of challenging issues including female genital mutilation (FGM), honour-based abuse (HBA), sexual harassment and assault, racism and different forms of extremism. In one year, our young outreach team reaches well over 7,000 people directly through workshops and training sessions.

We aim to give young people a voice and a platform for expressing their views and ideas.

Who’s involved?


  1. Janet Fyle MBE, Chair
  2. Lydia Green, Treasurer
  3. Deeqo Shire
  4. Christine Townsend
  5. Hoda Ali

Junior Trustees:

  1. Shaheim
  2. Mariamma
  3. Saffiya


  • Lisa Zimmermann, (Director)
  • Mohamed Nour-Elmi (Finance Manager)
  • Amaal Ali (Project Manager)
  • Shamil Ahmed (Project Worker- PT)
  • Fahma Mohamed (Project Worker- PT)
  • Najma Heshi Kediye
  • Sharleena Raczkiewicz

We also have a number of young people and volunteers assisting with all aspects of our charity work.