About This Project

Call Of The Void is an original drama series about Shukri, a shy Muslim girl who gets sent to a rehabilitation clinic for young people deemed to be at risk of extremism. In that clinic Shukri befriends a boy called Inaz and together they make it their mission to find out the truth about this clinic and what it’s really doing to the young people that are sent there.

The series was developed and produced with young people from Integrate UK, based on their ideas and their questions about and interpretations of recent political ideas and social attitudes. They wanted to explore what the current turmoil means, where it might have come from and more importantly, who is controlling whom. Radicalisation, right wing extremism, gender and racial stereotyping and the stigma around menstruation are some of the many issues this series covers.

Each episode of Call Of The Void is aimed at stimulating discussion and will be used by our outreach team to encourage young people to challenge the narratives they may be fed by the media, online and by those around them.

“There are so many questions I want to ask…”
“What happens next, what will she do?”
“This is getting deeeeep…!”

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