We are absolutely delighted, proud and honoured to be one of just 20 organisations from around the world to receive an inaugural With and For Girls Award. The award is part of a global initiative to identify and support local organisations working with and for girls.

We received this award for our young people’s creative projects and their outreach work; since January 2015, they have reached well over 5,000 people directly, including doctors, medical students, teachers, social workers, lawyers and of course, young people. Their sessions are informative, professional and entertaining – they use the media based educational resources and lesson plans they have made themselves.

As well as raising awareness of the risks, our vocal and determined young advocates campaign for political change and they are determined to see FGM end in a generation.

Muna Wehbe, CEO of Stars Foundation said: “Despite the critical role that women and girls play in sustainable development, the World Bank estimates that less than two cents of every dollar spent on international aid is directed towards adolescent girls. The With and For Girls Award provides flexible funding to grassroots girl-focused NGOs, empowering them to invest their funds where they need them most. We want to shine a spotlight on these outstanding local organisations and encourage more funders to support girls in their role as vital agents of change within our sector.”

As part of the award package, Integrate Bristol will receive $50,000 of funding.