About This Project

Integrate teamed up with The Guardian to make a music video of their anti FGM campaign song ‘Buckle Up’.

Music video credits

  1. The Tom Silverstone
  2. Irene Baqué
  3. Thibaut Remy
  4. Richard Sprenger
  5. Mary Carson
  6. Maggie O’Kane

The songwriters are

  1. Rosina Buck
  2. Paul Hodgson
  3. Rap lyrics Naz Ahmed
  4. On guitar is Paul Hodgson, Cajon (drums) Sam Evans
  5. Sung by Integrate Bristol Choir
  6. With thanks to Naela Rose & Oliver Zimmermann

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All enquiries for distribution and copyright to Zed Productions, Copyright 2014 All rights reserved.

Music video produced by The Guardian. To read more go to the relevant Guardian page.