Fahma’s online anti FGM petition hits over 230,000 signatures in record time!

2014 is the year that our young people will meet Michael Gove. February 6th saw the launch of one of the fastest growing petitions change.org has ever seen with our very own Fahma Mohammed leading the change and calling for leadership from the very top. Fahma is asking that Gove write to all head teachers urging them to support and protect young girls in the lead up to the ‘cutting season’ as the summer approaches. She has made it clear to Gove that it is time for him to recognise his part in educating the professionals within the sector if we are going to end FGM in the UK once and for all.

“If every single head teacher was given the right information, we could reach every single girl who is at risk of FGM,” says Fahma, “We could convince these families not to send their daughters abroad and help those girls at risk.”

Sign Fahma’s petition here and support her campaign!

The campaign has drawn international attention, including Ban Ki-moon reinforcing Fahma’s call to use education as the tool for change: “It has been deeply inspiring for me to hear that a 17-year-old, Fahma Mohamed, supported by the Guardian, has attracted well over 200,000 signatures to her petition demanding action to end female genital mutilation.”

Fahma’s actions have also been commended in Parliament and attracted support from ministers of elected representatives from all sides. Fahma’s online campaign has already wielded strong results – with Fahma due to meet with Gove on February 25th – and she has quickly become the face of change surrounding education on FGM in the UK. Fahma and Integrate Bristol strongly believe that Gove needs to listen to the voices of the young people and recognise that they are best placed to identify what change is needed to end the practice of FGM in Britain in a generation. Fahma and the other young people working with Integrate Bristol are changing their lives, changing their world and creating a safer society for those who will follow them. We are humbled by their bravery, their passion and their positive action.

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